Yangsheng – the care for life

I am so often asked, what is the secret of Tai Chi, why, without any seeming effort we become stronger, more supple, more balanced…? I don’t have the answer, I can only quote one of my very wise teachers, Faye Yip
“The secret of Qigong might simply be to bring things into movement, it may manifest itself in the sense of self-empowerment and in the possibilities of change it may contain.
“The secret may just be to find something you really like to do, to start something new, to find a new way to love life. If Qigong is for you – fine! Qigong may be an interesting journey with a big promise of change and growth.
If you prefer walking in the woods, hiking, swimming, painting, cycling, crocheting, … if you feel an urge to work out or to be creative – go for it! There is not any reason why that should not prove to be your unique way towards healing.
Yangsheng – the care for life – may take many forms. Qigong is only one of them, not better, not worse than others. The choice is yours.”
I have chosen this way, and it has brought me so much happiness – not least the wonderful people I teach…

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