As always thank you for today.  I always feel lighter in body & spirit after one of your sessions. Diane Lane, intermediate student

Arriving home  from our adventurous Atlantic Ocean holiday I almost decided I wouldn’t come to the Qi Gong class but I am so pleased I made the effort. When returning to dry land it has always taken several days to regain my “land legs” .  Not so this time – after an hour of Qi Gong with you and Christine I was completely rebalanced and just couldn’t believe it.  Thank you both!          Jean Weddell, Student

This is a good activity for all ages in a lovely environment.  It keeps me flexible, and has improved my balance.  It is good to meet like-minded people, to relax, and to laugh together.    Diane Lane, Student

Very calming and good for the soul.   Brenda Johnson, Student

This is a very valuable service with numerous health benefits, which I should like to see continued.   Colin Monk, Student

Good for my mental and physical health.  Janet Monk, Student