Yangsheng – the care for life

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I am so often asked, what is the secret of Tai Chi, why, without any seeming effort we become stronger, more supple, more balanced…? I don’t have the answer, I can only quote one of my very wise teachers, Faye Yip
“The secret of Qigong might simply be to bring things into movement, it may manifest itself in the sense of self-empowerment and in the possibilities of change it may contain.
“The secret may just be to find something you really like to do, to start something new, to find a new way to love life. If Qigong is for you – fine! Qigong may be an interesting journey with a big promise of change and growth.
If you prefer walking in the woods, hiking, swimming, painting, cycling, crocheting, … if you feel an urge to work out or to be creative – go for it! There is not any reason why that should not prove to be your unique way towards healing.
Yangsheng – the care for life – may take many forms. Qigong is only one of them, not better, not worse than others. The choice is yours.”
I have chosen this way, and it has brought me so much happiness – not least the wonderful people I teach…

Hove Thursday evening class continues

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From March 2018 on Thursdays at 6.00 pm at the Cornerstone Community Centre, in Church Rd, Hove
we will be offering a drop-in class for all abilities. Led by Christine, it will involve a range of calming, energising and accessible exercises drawn from Chen Tai chi and Qigong. Informed by Alexander Technique, these exercises will encourage strength, flexibility and balance through mindful movement.

Saturday Monthly Workshops 2018

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We will soon be confirming venues for the Spring in Hove and Uckfield.
We’re enjoying planning for the workshops which will lead up to World Qi Gong Day events in August 2018.
It’s long been our desire to bring Qi Gong and Tai Chi out into the open; the breeze on our skin, the grass under our feet, practising together as they do in China. For us, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the work of our students.

Termly Round Up – Summer 2017

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Classes have been continuing at Hadlow Down and Newick on Mondays, with students developing a deeper understanding. Beginners have been welcomed in to both classes and it says a lot about them and about the groups that they have fitted in and progressed so well.

Last term we decide to give a class in Newick on Friday mornings that concentrated entirely on QiGong, as we felt that people would derive great benefit in physical and mental health  from this very gentle yet rigorous discipline. To learn more about QiGong: its roots, its rationale, and its health benefits, see our FAQ page.

The Friday QiGong class is welcoming new members.



New term, new year, new you, begins January 2017

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Happy New Year and every best wish for a happy and productive 2017.

Winter/Spring term begins in January 2017 (see calendar)

Contact me for details:
07454 330138 or use the contact form


Principles of Internal Martial Arts workshop

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Chichester Saturday 26th November.  Joining other practitioners for a one-day seminar with Eva and Karel Koskuba of CIAA (Chinese Internal Arts Association). Marvellous! A whole day to experience a blend of the best of Tai Chi, QiGong, YiQuan, Shili and Bagua.  A reminder of the fundamental value of internal focus  in developing the ease and power of fully integrated movement.

Chen Bing in Athens

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A magical week of lightness and physical possibility.
Chen Bing is a modest teacher, and an awe-inspiring example of softness, suppleness and strength.
We were both very happy to be informed, mid-week, that our ‘chi’ was flowing well. Chen Bing particularly singled out Christine as an exemplar of mind-body connection through relaxation.
We return, brimming with health, tranquillity and vitality, and inspired to incorporate something of Chen Bing’s enabling style within our own teaching.


Summer School – latest

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The last three weeks Outdoor Summer School has been lovely.  Having two well-qualified instructors enabled students to enjoy and experience a well-rounded introduction to the principles and methods of Daoist Qigong. It was enhanced by being outdoors in the sunshine in two parks in Brighton and in Hove as well as in the well-tended gardens of the Hove Club.

Contact us if you would like further details of outdoor sessions in the coming months.